The Science of Search and Productivity

Welcome to this new series on the Science of Search and Productivity. This section of the blog will highlight not only what text-processing is, but how you can exploit its simplicity to become productive. This means that instead of fiddling with menus and buttons to get what you want, you will instead focus on what the text is saying to you and how you can compute your machine using its expressive power.

Is it necessary for any computer user to learn programming? This post is going to assess some obvious benefits for doing just that, and how one can get started.
20 August, 2020
6 min read
When working with applications on a computer, we are used to having each one do only one task and switch to another when we are done. In this post, however, I am going to show the possibility of doing more than one task in a single application: Emacs.
18 August, 2020
6 min read
Plain text is important for what it can do: it makes it possible for a human to write instructions to a machine in source code. This post is going to discuss the foundation of text.
11 August, 2020
3 min read