How I Was Kicked Off Twitter for Using Opera in Vpn

I am finally back on Twitter after more than a month. But I am doing so under a new Twitter handle ishe_chinyoka.

And ain’t I glad to do so? 😄 particularly as I love Twitter more than any other social networks around.

How did this state of affairs obtain?

I do not understand it fully, but I suspect this has to do with some unwritten rules on every platform.

  • While Virtual Private Network (VPN) use is legal, it has got its share of problems.
  • This is true with social networks whose reliance on the location of the user, and an identity is of paramount importance.
  • So when a VPN connection changes location, and the reported location is used by many people, it is registered as a suspicious activity on an account.

I managed to make such an inference based on my use of the Opera Browser’s VPN MOde, that lets a user switch to VPN browsing.

After doing this, I got an email requiring me to confirm that indeed I was the user of that account browsing from some unidentified location.

Sure, I did confirm and everything went well for two or three days.

But then on the fourth day, my account was locked!

When I tried to reactivate the account through a request of an SMS to my phone, the sent message didn’t arrive.

And I gave it up after trying to write to Twitter to activate my account.

To cut a long story short, I had to create a new Twitter account, which hopefully would be my new Twitter handle for the foreseeable future.

I am, however, sad to think of a Twitter handle I had had for the past ten years all locked up.

But that is life.

So I would be posting to my new Twitter handle any new development on this site. Make sure to follow me there, and send me any direct message pertaining to this site or feedback.

Thank you for reading my rantings on this Factual Musings blog.