Quickly Send a File as an Attachment

Did you know:

  • That it is not necessary to first launch your email program before you can send someone a file attachment?
  • That, instead you can simply do the following from within your file manager whether on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X:
    1. Find the file you want to send as an attachment.
    2. Highlight it by pressing the Context Menu,1 to bring up a popup menu;
    3. Find the “SEND TO” submenu or dialog item 2.
    4. From the options that appear under Send TO, select “Mail Recipient” and press ENTER key here.
    5. Your email program will be launched along with your file attachment.
  • That at this point, what you have to do is just enter the email address of the recipient.
  • That you have an option to edit the subject matter, otherwise you can leave it like that. The subject matter will just show something like “Sending (and the names of your files)”.
  • That you can simply press SEND at this point, and your message would be sent along with the attached file.

You can even send more than file this way:

Make sure to select as many files as you wish to send through the ordinary selection methods, and repeat the above process. Hence you do not have to send your files one at a time if they are sent to the same recipient.

That’s it! NO need to first create a whole message through the Compose button just for a file attachment.

The best thing about this approach is that it works even if you use a web-based email client like Gmail or Outlook. As long as your mail protocol directs to these, you can use them as default email handlers.

  1. Or press Shift-F10 if you have no Applications key on your keyboard. ↩︎

  2. This is an item that has three dots after its label. This indicates that it opens a dialog box instead of carrying out a task immediately. For example, an Open File is a dialog item as it says, “Open file…” ↩︎

Ishe Chinyoka
Ishe Chinyoka
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