Clipboard Management with Fenrir

What is Fenrir?

What is Fenrir anyway?

Fenrir is a console screen-reader for the Unix-based systems. It works just like any other screen-reader, only that it was designed for the console.

Throughout this discussion, reference will be made to the Fenrir Key. A Fenrir Key is a modifier key which is either the Super key1, the Capslock or the Insert.

Its fast Facts

Did you know that:

  • That while there are a number of utilities (such as Xclip) that make it possible to transfer clips from and to GUI and the Console, you can use your screen-reader’s builtin facilities to accomplish the same.
  • You can copy text between your Console and Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Fenrir?
  • That to use Fenrir, you have to:
    • Copy the text from the console with Fenrir Key-Ctrl-U;

    • The the text will be copied to the Fenrir clipboard;

    • You can transfer the text to the GUI clipboard with Fenrir Key-F8;

    • On the other hand, you can also copy to the the Console using the following procedure:

      • from within any GUI application such as Firefox, press CTRL-C to copy text;

      • Then switch to your Console where Fenrir will be running;

      • Then press Fenrir Key-F7 to transfer text from the GUI clipboard to the Fenrir clipboard.

    • It is also possible to store clipboard contents to a text file with Fenrir Key-F6, or retrieve from a text file with Fenrir Key-F5.

      • You can always check which text will be copied to the clipboard with Fenrir Key-Shift-x.

      • To read the contents of the clipboard, you press Fenrir Key-Shift-C.

In conclusion, I hope you will find Fenrir’s clipboard management one of your useful assets when considering time-saving activities.

  1. Also known as the Windows Key ↩︎

Ishe Chinyoka
Ishe Chinyoka
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