The Virtues of a Skeptical mind

Isn’t it ironical that in the age of Big Data, the world is deluged not in factual claims but in a torrent of disinformation? How can you shield yourself against the lures of conspiracy theorists, rumourmongers and half-truth tellers?

When Your Clipboard Is Key to Productivity

Did you ever stop to think how important a clipboard may be when it comes to productivity? This post offers some tips on working with it, particularly using clipboard extenders.

Zero Rated Data for UZ Students

The step taken by the University of Zimbabwe, in partnership with local mobile network providers is commendable for promoting an online learning environment. If you are a student at U.Z., find out why.

Of Rights and Wrongs on the Internet

If ever there is a controversy, it is about what is right and wrong on the Internet in regard to the content of some websites. While this post is not weighing on either side of the debate, it is going to highlight these daily questions as we browse the Internet.

Exclusion by Assumptions: A commentary

The editorial in one of the nation’s dailies makes for an interesting reading as it touches on the need to harness radio and television to the delivery of education as complement to online programmes.

Backing Up Your Files

Always think of the evil day, that is the law of insurance and a guarantee against heartbreaks. This rule equally applies to file management on your computer: always have a backup plan.

Dealing With Maths Accessibility, Part 3

Even though you may not be a mathematician, yet the moment you engage in research, you are bound by its rules. So how do we do statistics on a computer?

Dealing With Maths Accessibility, Part 2

This second post on maths content accessibility looks at how to write maths. Though reading is a challenge, however, the good news is that when it comes to writing, the task is easy.

Dealing With Math and Screenreaders, Part 1

Reading is key to education. This post on maths accessibility looks at how one can use a screen-reader to go through maths expressions.

Dealing With Maths and Screenreaders: Introduction

In this post, I begin a three-part discussion on the accessibility of maths content on the computer. Can a screen reader deal with maths? Find out.