Education and Research

Research is key to a quality education today. These posts look at the interaction between education and research in light of recent technological developments.

If you are not eager to set up another reference manager, and only to use it in Microsoft Word, isn’t it better to just do it in one program? In this post, we will continue our discussion of reference management but with a focus on Word.1 As a word-processing application, Word comes with an excellent source management facility that you can take advantage of to speed up your work. A Temptation to Avoid When you come across an authority which you want to cite in a document, do not be tempted to do the following:
17 August, 2020
3 min read
It is free, cross-platform and powerful: Zotero helps you organise your sources and sync them in the cloud. This post is going to cover how to use Zotero for reference management.
15 August, 2020
6 min read
While research is underpinned by how much time one spends scouring source databases, both online and offline, it may be not enough to collect those references if you can’t manage them successfully. This post is going to introduce the subject matter of referencing. In this post, I will be talking of the nightmare of every student and researcher: namely organisation of references. Each of us has his or her own way of: Finding sources that may be relevant to his or her subject matter; Distilling relevant material from hundreds of texts we handle; Setting up a database of authorities for use later on.
14 August, 2020
4 min read
There is something captivating about numbers: even for those who do not care about the subject of maths. This is not only to do with addition or doing simple maths. Instead, this has to do with their effect on forcing people to act.
23 July, 2020
6 min read
Changes can be sometimes painful as they affect the way we had been used to. However, it may be through preparing for change that we are able to welcome it when it takes place.
15 July, 2020
4 min read