Are we talking the same language?

Any good research article has to provide definitions for the key terms it is going to use throughout. But why is this necessary? Aren’t those terms in the dictionary enough for the reader?

The Utility of Password Managers

What is the best strategy to work with your passwords and services? This post discusses password managers.

Our Choices of Sights and Sounds

In the face of traditional belief systems, how much are we ready to accept? This post reflects on how some ignorance may be a result of choosing what to believe, rather than exposure to empirical evidence.

The Ethics of Vpn Usage

Is there a problem with privacy in general, or the usage of a VPN in particular? Unfortunately, some people think so as they associate this with some nefarious activity on the part of the user.

Some Things About Fashionable Tech

Is there any coolness in popularity? When it comes to technology, it may not be possible to tell what is fashionable and what is not. The advantages and disadvantages of owning a trending device will always define groups apart.

Statistics Without Maths: Is it a Possibility?

With statistics being central to data analysis, it is no wonder that it has become a compulsory subject for many social sciences disciplines. But is it possible to do statistics without maths? This is what this post is going to address.

Thinking About the P-Value

How much level of faith do you put in what the public generally holds as true? Or, how much level of faith do you put in whatever you read? This post is going to reflect on what the P-Value is, and its implications on a null hypothesis.

Whats the Deal With the Command Line?

It is often associated with system administrators, geeks, programmers and hackers. Why should I care about the command line when I can do everything with the GUI?

Working With File Converters

It is difficult to have a universal file handler on your computer. In times like these, a file converter may be handy in dealing with formats that you do not have handlers for.

Using Bookworm to Read Your Ebooks

With the electronic publishing as a booming business, its success rests on its consumers who can read their output. When it comes to accessibility, there are a number of options. In this week’s Software Review, we will be looking at a relatively new addition to the fold: the Bookworm.