About The Science of Search and Productivity Site


The Science of Search and Productivity (or SOSAP, for short) is a site based on the needs of any student or researcher in the academia: that the time spent on a computer has to be fruitful.

Whether we realise it or not, most of that time is spent searching for something:

  • This could be the way we work with files (file management); or
  • Searching for something on the Internet.

Definition of terms

SOSAP is the acronym for the Science of Search and Productivity, and embodies the whole purpose of this site.

The Science of Search

To search is simply to look for something. This means that the science of searching involves knowing what one is looking for before starting on that precious journey to find it.


  • Every search begins with a question. What am I looking for?
  • During your search, you may come across a lot of things, some related to what you are looking for while others are not. Unless you know what answers your question, you may never see what you are looking for.
  • This implies that every search must come to its end: no search is forever. Even the search for the Holy Grail will certainly reach its end.

The Science of Productivity

Productivity simply means the action of being actively involved in the development of the society you are in. In other words, it is the process of being a benefit, being fruitful and an asset to your society, school or workplace.

However, nobody will equip you with all the right tools of productivity. You understand your own unique position in the world, hence you seek to justify that position you occupy.

As to who is productive, and who isn’t, is not the primary purpose of this site. Rather it is there to equip you with the necessary tools, especially if you face marginalisation and discrimination based on some traditional circumscription.


The Major objective of this site is to investigate ways in which one can be productive. The science of searching involves working with your computer (whether it is a desktop or mobile platform), sifting through data, analysing results and interpreting them.

Because of that, this site focuses on

  • Providing information on access technology for working with the computer;
  • How to search
    1. Through the filesystem, whether on Windows or Linux.
    2. The worldwide web;
    3. Your files.
  • Discuss academic research and its implications on your daily decision-making;
  • Provide some useful guides on how to get started with the process of searching with productivity;
  • Help those who are blind and visually impaired to be productive in their professional life.


This site aims to provide helpful tips on searching and being productive. However, it was set as a direct response to the request of some of my close friends whom I wanted to share with some tips on access technology, maths and statistics. As a result, while anyone can benefit, its primary audience are blind and visually impaired students and professionals.

Why this group?

Education is dependent on sight. This had been so from the beginning of time. Print had been key to storing information, whether as glyphs or pictures.

Because of its usefulness, the printed word had been instrumental in passing knowledge from one generation to the other.

This state of things will remain so for the foreseeable future.

So if you are blind, the very first fact of life that hits you is that: whether we like it or not, this is a sighted world. So we have to adjust to its expectations.

This explains the relevance of access technology, whether as adaptive hardware tools and software. It is there to make it possible for anyone who is not sighted to access the sighted world.

What this site is not

While this site’s main goal is empowerment and help its visitors to be productive, it is not for activism: activism is one way to change the society, provision of education and information is the other. This site falls in the latter category.

This is regardless of the fact that from time to time, I may post some thoughts regarding disability activism. This will only be done to the extent that it affects the overall objective of helping someone understand all about SOSAP.

In the same vein, this site is aimed to help people of all religious, political or special interest persuasion. Consequently, it is not a portal for leftist or rightist leanings.

The SOSAP Pipeline

This is the pipeline for searching with productivity in mind:

  1. What is your question?
  2. Start searching for its answers:
  • In your files on your filesystem;
  • Failure to find them, go online;
  • Or collect data from any source.
  1. Sift through the data.
  2. Analyse the data.
  3. Interpret the results.
  4. Depending with how you asked the question, you may have to write up the report.

Of course, the last step is not necessary if you were just doing it to satisfy your curiosity. Anyway, this is how every search process happens.

It could be a simple search, or a dedicated research. It all begins with a quest, and ends with satisfaction of the curiosity or writing up a paper of some sort. This could be at a workplace, at a school or even anywhere else where you expect your search to make you better and understand the world in a way you did not before carrying out that search.

This is the substance of this site: exploring this pipeline from its beginning to its end from an accessible angle.

Hopefully, you will be able to find it one of your valuable tools towards your journey to productivity. I wish you all the best!