About This Site

What we call computing today is for the most part working with text. This site is put together and maintained by Ishe Chinyoka, who is a textsmith and an addict of plain text.

The major objective of the site is to share with visitors the necessary knowledge and information on working with plain text to be productive. As plain text is pure characters without embellishments, it is at the core of programming, word-processing and is even the staple of a majority of the command line tools.

So if you are interested in:

  • Setting up and configuring text editors;
  • Using those editors;
  • Markup languages;
  • Command line Scripting;
  • Plain text accounting; and
  • data analysis using R or Python,

Then these are the major themes covered here.

We try to address the major question of how can we do the same thing as a graphical user using only text-processing tools? Hence, we do not concern ourselves with how to select text with a mouse or other graphic object. Instead we strive to learn how we can programmatically accomplish the same feat with pure text.

I will try to update this blog and portal as I find time. However, as this is a work of love and passion, I hope this is to be regular, far more regular than in the past.