Tolerance: The Missing Factor in our Society Today

It is only ten days before we go for a national election here, and one can feel it. The excitement, the discussions on social networks, the songs, the jokes, and even worse--the level of intolerance in our society as we approach the D-Day.

The other elements enumerated may just be an indicator of a big day upon us: any season is marked by these. Of serious concern though, is the level of intolerance. This does not portend well for us as we expect to lead life after elections. What does it mean to support a political party, or even a religious denomination at that? This post is going to address these issues.

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What Constitutes the International Bill of Rights?

Every Constitution worthy its name should guarantee the rights and freedoms of its citizens. This is what is known as constitutionalism -- That what constitutes a binding legal document of administration for any government is not just rules and guidelines, but its content as well. This is often expressed in its Bill of Rights.

But human rights have got an international appeal in character. Why is that so? Why should they form part of our domestic law? And the big question is: Is there an international bill of rights after all?

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I Suffered, So Should You: Victimhood and the sense of Entitlement

We all know the past horrors of Chimoio and Nyadzonya as put to us by those who lived through them. We all are moved to tears by reading through the ghastly chapters of the WWII Holocaust as perpetrated by the Germany Nazist regime. We all are shocked at the extent of the Rwandan genocide, that a system could be put in place to eliminate one ethnic group from the face of the earth. We all condemn these past actions, not only because of who suffered them, but because they represent the levels of cruelty that anyone in their right sense should never condone. No matter what triggered them: what is shocking is how at some point some people can stretch the limits of evil to accommodate their selfish desires to dominate others.

But the evils that can be exercised can never in any way justify those who suffered under such systems to deprive others of their rights as well. This can easily be accomplished when yesteryear victims engage in acts of cruelty under the guise of protecting the gains of freedom; a paradox indeed, :-(

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For Thus Saith the Lord: God in Service of Humanity

In this pre-election mood that we are currently in, one strong argument that often comes up as a way to force attention by opponents or mere bystanders is to invoke the name of the Almighty. This is often done not only as a way to court support for whichever side of the argument has, but even more ominously: to force submission and to silence. I am made to think of two recent cases whereby two of the major players in the current contest, were each considered to have been endorsed by God as evidenced through pronouncements of the prophets.

One question that lingers after hearing this is, what then? Is invocation of the Lord's name a justification to silence dissent? Is this the correct way to apply God's standards?

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